Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fab Update For Dowdy Upholstery With Chalk Paint®

I love to find steals like this at a garage or estate sale for a song! Others will pass by this dated upholstery leaving the pickings for me! The chair's great bones are just what I like and so we are off to a transformation!

On chairs like this with a brocaded type of coarse raised texture, I take my time when using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  I am trying to stain the fabric, rather than paint it. Put on too much paint too fast and the paint will crack and chip on you. But when you take your time, here is what can happen!

First, we did a custom mix of 50 pct Old White and 50 pct Coco to try to create a color that was like a pale burlap. Make sure to make up enough as it is difficult even with measuring to get back to the same color. Next we lightly spritz a small area to work on with a misting of water -- do not saturate the upholstery. Next, using a fluffy brush, we dip the ends of the bristles in water, then into our paint. With a light touch we whisper the paint onto the misted area. We repeat this process all over the chair then let it dry thoroughly, several hours or overnight.

When dry, we lightly sand with 200 grit sandpaper, then remove all the dust. Once again we repeat the process above as many times as necessary to get the coverage we want. In this particular case, it took four coats. After sanding and dusting off the final time, we are ready to paint the wood with Annie Sloan's lovely Old White. Two coats usually does it, especially if you plan to distress. We also attached a stencil with Frogtape, and using a stencil brush and Old White again created this Queen Bee chair!

Next we gently and lightly waxed the entire chair -- fabric and wood -- with Annie Sloan's Clear Soft Wax. We and removed the excess as we worked small areas. The final steps were to distress the wood lightly as well as a few of the brass upholstery tacks -- which had also been painted over -- then rewax any distressed parts.

I don't always wax painted upholstery. On this type of fabric, I do as it softens the feel. However, if I am painting a smooth fabric, such as a satin, I will sand it between coats of paint and after the last one. Then to give it some protection from dirt and grime, I spray it -- per can instructions -- with Scotch Guard, being careful not to get it on waxes areas.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Loft Style Without The Condo Cost!

Loving the look of the warehouse-loft-urban-industrial style, but not the budget to buy into the trendy new developments in the city? Don't lose heart! For a few hundred dollars you can transform a wall or even a room to that same look and feel, even though you may be living in a suburban tract home.

At TLC Vintage Collection, we transformed a 12-foot length of wall into an urban loft vignette using various products we sell every day to our customers. We also dug deep into our storage facility, drawers of cast-offs and perused Craig's List for items that would help set the scene! Here's what we came up with in two days and the steps to achieve it!

Start by clearing your space, cleaning the wall, spackling holes and sanding off. Next, I took a mixture of Artisan Enhancements' Fine Stone, Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Paris Grey and water and painted the entire wall to create texture. You can choose other colors such as Coco or French Linen depending on what color of grout effect you want in your wall.

Fine Stone is a gritty texture paste or plaster, creating a wall surface that reminds me of the plaster walls in our mid-century farmhouse growing up. It is rough and scratchy and will give our paint something to catch on in the next step....but I hope you can see the texture below.

Next we used the Brick Wall stencil from Royal Design Studio. Starting at the top center of our wall, we used plenty of frog tape to position our stencil. After several placements, the tape picks up enough grit from the surface that you need to toss it and use fresh pieces.

We chose Primer Red Chalk Paint® for our "brick". And all we did was lightly and unevenly dry brush the paint over the textured wall and stencil. We did not strive for uniformity in color, so that it had an aged and even white washed effect. After the wall was complete, we added a random area of Artisan Enhancements Venetian Plaster Antico that we troweled on to look like plaster that had not been removed during a rehab!

When the plaster dried, it had developed some awesome crackling. We emphasized this by sponging on French Linen then Coco Chalk Paint® to give it an aged look.

Next came decor, which we had been saving up on! First, a $10 Craig's List find -- shelves that we mounted to the wall.

Then we dressed those up with some fun items we varnished an mounted on stands -- magnets, clock parts -- or just items from inventory -- balance, clock, books.

We had previously finished a wood table with Modern Masters reactive Oxidizing Metal paints to create an awesome "patina" top so it moved into our space with some other items we love.

We also used Modern Masters Oxidizing Iron and Rust Activator to transform a couple blue enamel hanging lights into rusted iron patina -- one light is awaiting a spare part. A French repro poster on a vintage brass easel, an old dress form, some wood wine cases and other items help fill out the look.

Our store now has three style vignettes -- Shabby Chic, American Country and Urban Loft -- that will change as items sell and we transform or add other finds. This is an opportunity for us as creators and our customers to get a feel for what styles they want to adapt as their own. This transformation began Wednesday and we had it wrapped up by the end of day Thursday. Great products produce great results! Enjoy.....

-- Janet at TLC Vintage Collection

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Newsletter -- New Ideas for Your Home!


How to add dimension to your painted furniture:
Just painting with one color of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan can have a simple, flat appeal. Nothing wrong with that! Sometimes less is more. But if all your pieces are looking the same, you may want to add some depth or dimension to your piece. This can easily be achieved a few different ways.

1)      Distress edges and areas that would have harder wear and tear. I prefer distressing immediately after waxing my piece, using 150 grit sandpaper. Then remove any residue with a soft cloth and wax again. (commonly known as Shabby Chic).

2)      Mix a lighter or darker hue of the same color or a second color that complements your room or piece. Dry brush the piece by using a brush with very little paint on it and whispering it across the surface. The paint will catch on raised areas, such as brush strokes, giving some variation in your tone.

3)      Choose another color as above, water it slightly, paint it on then wipe it off! This wash gives a soft romantic look to a piece.

4)    Change up your wax! Either add some color to your clear soft wax or after using clear wax, using some dark wax in crevices to define the piece.


Reactive Metallics are in the house! Ready, set, go! We are off and running with Modern Masters Reactive Metallic Paint line. Make paper, wood, new galvanized tin, terra cotta, canvas look like rusted or patina metal. Wonderful new product to have in store and we have already completed a large and some small pieces for you to see. Plus we have thrown in a workshop this month to help you get started! Only 4 seats available as we need lots of space for our pieces to dry during the class. July 12, Sunday 12 to 4 pm. $100 per person. Call today to reserve 515-276-1577.

Vignettes! Two of our style vignettes have been completed and will be added to as time goes on and items sell….so they will always be changing. Shabby Chic is now in place as well as American Country.

Brushes! We will always carry Annie Sloan brushes – we love them. But there is also a place for other styles and types. So we have reviewed what we are doing with our brushes and realized we were stretched thin time-wise, ordering from six different companies! Sooooo….we will be bringing in a more affordable and beautiful line of Italian-made brushes including better-than-chip economical brushes, stencil brushes, large and small wax brushes and a new skinny paint or wax brush. We know you will love them as much as we do!

Showroom Vignettes! Next up – Industrial Loft! Can’t wait for our new metallic to meet a bit of steam punk to meet a bit of Urban Chic!

Shhhhhh, it’s still a secret! Look forward to a mid-month announcement of a great promotion by Annie Sloan and her stockists….watch for it at my Facebook page: TLC Vintage Collection and on Twitter!

Coming Not-So-Soon! It’s an international community now, so you may be hearing a lot of buzz about Annie Sloan’s new wall paint that is just being released in the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for a US release. My experience has been that her new products hit us about 6-12 months later as production needs to get up and running for you to have U.S.-made! Meanwhile, you can still use Chalk Paint® on your walls. The formulation for the new wall paint will be different, however, with a less porous finish that is more resistant to scratches and stains and easily washable.


Annie Sloan has revamped her main website to be more interactive with her fans and customers. Go to http://www.anniesloan.com/ and check it out. Great way to visit her retailers around the world!

Too far to drive? We ship daily and it is next day deliver in most of Iowa and surrounding states. You can order on line at www.tlcvintagecollection.com or call 515-276-1577 to place your order!

Wear paint appropriate clothing for all classes and we provide the rest: folder of notes, sample boards, refreshments. In-store discounts day of class. All classes are approximately 3 hours but may run long.  Discounts for 2 or more people booking together in advance for all workshops. (Exception, the new Rust & Patina workshop is 4 hours and $100 per person and no discounts given due to the cost of products and limited number of people who can take the class at one time.)

Chalk Paint® 101 Plus!
Six starter paint techniques plus clear and dark wax methods! $85 in advance.  Minimum of 4 people. All Noon to 3 pm, unless otherwise stated.     
July 11 – Just 4 spots available!           Aug 1                    Sep 2 5:30 to 8:30 pm       Oct 3                   Nov 7

Chalk Paint® 201 Even More!
More amazing paint techniques of Annie Sloan!  Crackle, frottage, wet wax distress and more! In advance $85. Minimum of 4 people. Noon to 3 pm.
Aug 22   Oct 17   

Chalk Paint® Your Kitchen Cabinets & Built-Ins! How to renew your dated cabinets at a fraction of the cost without replacing them! $85 in advance. Minimum 3 people, maximum 7. Noon to 4 pm
 Aug 15        Oct 10

Wood Icing
Ice wood like icing a cake. Texture paste to add a permanent dimension to any surface! Lace, wood, reptile, stencil & more. $85 per person in advance. Noon to 3 pm.
July 18                  Sept 26

Artisan Enhancements Special Effects!
Crackle, Pearl Plaster, Transfer Gel, Venetian Plaster and easier than ever before gilding! Fun beyond description! 4 person minimum. $85 in advance. All Noon to 3 pm.
Aug 29                   Oct 24

Chalk Paint® Fabric & Upholstery!
Oct 31

Rust & Patina!
First time offered. Create rusted iron, patina copper and bronze on almost any surface. We will do terra cotta pots, galvanized tin, on paper mache, canvas and more! Limited space – just four people per workshop. Cost $100 firm due to cost of materials and longer class time.
July 12, Sunday – Noon to 4 pm

Studio Time: $25 per hour by appointment. Rate adjusted per person if more than one. You purchase materials to use from TLC Vintage. Tutoring or project oversight. We also do custom  painting.

Girls Night Out! Wine, Cheese, Paint Therapy!
Put together a group of girlfriends and spend 3 hours in the studio painting! Organize your group. Book it exclusively starting at $350 for your group up to 8 people. You bring the wine, we provide the cheese and paint!

Class Size & Cancellation Policy: We maintain the right to refund your money or arrange for a different date if we do not have the 3-4 people necessary  to make a class viable. If you are ill or weather prevents travel, you may reschedule to another date within six months of the date you originally scheduled. If your plans change, we need a two-week notice before the class date if you want to be rescheduled. Under two weeks, there is no refund but if your spot is filled we will allow you to reschedule. Otherwise, your fee is forfeited.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Country Vignette for Your Farm & Rural Style!

At TLC Vintage Collection in Des Moines, IA, we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance your visit with inspired ideas on how to use Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. This year we are developing as time goes on, a series of style vignettes that will line the south and west walls of the showroom.

We chose "Country Chic" as our first vignette as we had the perfect chairs and gate leg table to show off the warmth and charm of a farm kitchen. Plus! It gave us a perfect opportunity to try one of Annie's new stencils -- Flower Chain! Plus, I am an authentic mid-century Iowa farm girl -- born and raised -- and love all the bits and pieces to decorate the area! So here we go with what we put together today!

Loretta painted the beautiful table and chairs. The table is a custom collor to go with the background of Annie Sloan's French Hens fabric -- part of her European fabric collection which we carry and have available for sale!

The wonderful country hanging light, hurrican lamp and Hampshire piggy bank were finds today at garage sales around town. The stereoscope and photos were a find from a customer at last month's Des Moines monthly flea market.

Here's a close up of the French Hens fabric and a checkers set with a drawer for checker storage!

A green-blue  Ball jar chick feeder is a great M&M dispense. A white rooster is a perfect creamer pitcher. Like the E-A-T sign? Well, soon we will be able to teach you to rust and patina anything with Modern Masters Reactive Metallics that we will be stocking and teaching! PS - Those letters are not metal! They are paper mache!

Gotta love that farm scene in upper left and a blue ribbon from the Fort Worth TX Cattle Show. How about that Clydesdal painting. Last is the farmhouse sign I made with an old screen. Soon we will have a barn sign as well!

Here is a close up of the Annie Sloan Flower Chain stencil that is bordering our drop leaf table -- using Chateau Grey, Primer Red and Arles. We have added part of the Chanticleer stencil by Maison de Stencils to add to our country theme and tie into the chairs.

We've turned a little crate into a wall shelf and/or a tray to hold cutlery or bottles. On top is my little oil can collection -- OOps one fell over!

And finally what is left of my vintage match holders! These are so cute and were on the wall by pot bellied stoves ready to help light them up! I hope you have enjoyed our first vignette....I think the next will be Shabby Chic or Romantique!